The Coldrice Fundraiser last night

Well done to the Coldrice boys for the Fundraiser last night. Not sure how many people were there but it was pretty hot and sweaty so i’d guess full to capacity.

Black Mekon opened the show and set the energy levels for the night. Swampmeat followed soon after and although Dan had been drumming for Black Mekon, Singing for Swampeat and then drumming once more for Big Bang he amazingly managed to keep up the frantic pace of the evening.

Copter finished off the festivities in their usual dirty rock ‘n’ soul blues style. We chipped before the fundraising raffle but I am pretty sure the bands managed to raise enough money for a few diet cokes at SXSW – they certainly earned it!



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2 responses to “The Coldrice Fundraiser last night

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  2. Success!
    We raised enough to get the ColdRice 9 to Texas and a place to stay so the night was a huge success.
    Thanks to everyone for coming and helping us out, we’ll do you proud… and big love to Dave, Kerry & Sally for putting the rocket up our collective arses and for arranging everything Austin-side.
    The ColdRice 9 will deliver!

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