SXSW visit – part 02


Wednesday we set off flyering and postering the streets of downtown Austin to advertise the gig – we had done some the night before but had noticed that the organisers or local officials had covered all the lamposts in clingfilm – we assume to keep them free of stickers and make them easier to clean. But every night they came along and cleared any posters off the lamposts.


Also when the bands received their showcase confirmation they were told NOT to hand out / poster / sticker the streets so we had to find other ways to get rid of the flyers. There are lots of places around the convention centre to put items and it is a great place to go and find out where things are happening.

So with that job done and the sunshine hitting somewhere in the mid 80’s we hit the Fader/Levi party. A long que and 40 mins later (not even our press credentials could help with that) and we were inside. The indoors part of the buidling incorporated a Levi store, a Ray Ban sunglasses cleaning service (sure there was more to their pressence than that but that is about all I could see), lots of Levi memorabilia and some great posing opportunities infront of some DJ decks and cardboard cut-outs of Run DMC.

Outside on the other hand was a stage with The Whip playing when we arrived (infact throughtout the week we couldn’t go anywhere without The Whip playing) and free Sothern Comfort for all who wised to partake (or a variety of cold green tea flavours for those of us suffering from the effects of the free drinks at the MTV party).


We hung around to catch The Kills who Copter had caught the night before dancing to Kula Shaker at The Long Branch Inn. The nice thing about these parties is that none of the bands seem to play for more than 30 minutes so if your boredom threshold is low or your fit are hurting from all that running from one bar to the next then you don’t have long to wait for the next band.


It was time to bid farewell to the free Sothern Comfort and go and see the how the bands were getting on at the soundcheck. A few frought faces greeted us but our designated stage manager at the venue had it all inhand. The bar tab was opened and the cool beers handed in and before we knew it Swampmeat were on stage and the place was gradually filling up.







Some of the Deluka contingent had kindly offered to go out and hand out flyers to the punters on 6th Street. Although our venue was great it wasn’t on the main drag so people had to make the effort to seek us out but lucikly for the bands they did. Infact among our visitors were:

Tom Robinson from Radio 6 (London) – check the link here before he went he put The Big Bang and Trash Fashion as his ‘under the Radar’ top tips of people to visit.

Claire – Online boss at

Representatives from Bebo

Representatives from Levi

An America record label (Somewhere in America)

Clusta’s LA office (LA via Birmingham)

The Miller Light Girls (Austin)

Vijay Kishore (Birmingham, UK)

Manager Rob McKenzie (Birmingham, UK)

Capsule (Birmingham, UK)

And a gent who introduced himself only as J.W. (very Dallas) and who claimed that if he wore his ‘official’ badge and people knew who he really was he would get ‘mobbed’ – interesting. And they are just the people that we spoke to.

All in all around 300 people came through the doors that night. It was a transient crowd who came in and stayed for specific bands but as we found out the following day – that is the nature of SXSW.



(The crowd enjoying the bands at the showcase)



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