There aren’t many bands who will only play in strip clubs, art galleries and bowling allies and occasionally have a guest appearance from an android doubling up as lead on some songs, probably even less who hail from Birmingham. Copter are that rare thing, though: a completely demented one-off that traverse the tightrope over both wacky gimmickery and credible garage rock ‘n’ soul without once falling off in favour of one side.

The five-piece have built a reputation for their live shows, where filthy grarage rock blues meets exhilarating performance. Where others would make do with the moniker ‘frontman’, focal point Stevie prefers the title of ‘preacher’ and leads us into their self-made alternate universe. So if the stripped down dirty blues riffs leave you waiting for more then you can read about the band’s adventures in their own 3D comic book.

See Copter play at 12.45 am.


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