Electro/indie outfit Deluka have been around in one form or another since the tail-end of 2004. The founding members, vocalist Ellie Innocenti and guitar/synths/electro whizz-kid Kris Kovacs, got a songwriting partnership on the go when both expressed dissatisfaction with the musical direction of their respective bands. Deciding they needed a full band to compliment the half a dozen songs they had written in a week, bassist Daniel Brasco and ‘best drummer in Birmingham’ Stevie Palmer were soon on board.

Nicking their name from Pretty Woman during a drunken night of brainstorming, the band have courted attention on MySpace and national radio. Zane Lowe and Steve Lamaq are fans, the latter bestowing single ‘I’ll Wait’ with the honour of ‘one of the best five tracks in the world right now’. Their indie cred is not to be questioned, following support slots with the likes of cult faves Ladyfuzz, Dogs and the now-defunct Test Icicles. Their appearance at SXSW should throw music pundits for six, proving that the Ting Tings are not the only femme-fronted electro act to get excited about in 2008.

Deluka play the Fused Showcase at 9.30pm.


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