The Big Bang


Although their name suggests futuristic theatrics, Big Bang provide the promised bang while still keeping it raw. They give the finger to the bass guitar in a line-up that consists of a drummer and two guitarists. The unconventional move brings to mind Jack and Meg, an association that is furthered when one learns that legendary producer and White Stripes cohort Liam Watson produced two of the ten tracks on BB’s debut album.

Released in summer 2007, said album ‘Shoot the Freak’ was released on ColdRice records and instilled with a love of Little Richard, Johnny Cash and early Black Sabbath. This eclectic mish-mash of influences made for a record that was raucuous without sounding messy, classy without sacrificing the clatter. After touring with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Datsuns and local boys Editors, the band headlined their own series of dates following the album’s release. Their appearance at SXSW should give fans a taster of album number two, provisionally titled ‘We Can Do What the Fuck We Want, ‘cos We’re the Devil’s Party Band’. Those in attendance will be able to judge for themselves but, for now, we’ll take their word for it.

See The Big Bang play the Fused Showcase at 10.30pm


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