Trash Fashion


Given their name, you would be forgiven for thinking Trash Fashion are nothing but a bunch of well-dressed scenesters looking to make a quick buck. Be kind, rewind ‘cos this four-piece, based in London, are a surprise in waiting. Fan of rock, dance, emo, metal or hardcore? Well, Trash Fashion’s pallette accounts for all these colours and then some, creating a versatile and catchy sound that really wants to soundtrack your next party.

Their appearance at SXSW follows successful tours of the States, Europe and the UK, including a support slot with Faithless at the NIA. We have to wait until autumn for a full debut album but, until then, we can amuse ourselves with the band members’ zany names: K-Bomb, Bam Bam, Jet and Mason Storm – new X-Men movie anyone? Alternatively, those of you who are adept at multitasking can giggle at the silly names while getting on down to instant underground classics like ‘It’s a Rave Dave’ and their most recent release, ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?’. We can be, guys, we can be.

See Trash Fashion play the Fused Showcase at 11.30pm.


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